Anupama Drama Serial And Interesting Story Update

Anupamaa series

It is an Indian drama television series and premiered on July 13, 2020, on Indian television Channel star plus. This drama Serial is produced by Rajan Shahid And Deepa Shahid under the director’s Out productions. This drama is based on Star Jalsha’s Bengali series Sreemoyee.

Drama Plot:

Anupamaa, a gave housewife mother and girl-in-law adores her family and satisfied every one of theirs requirements, overlooking her own. Deprived of similar love and regards in her home from her relatives, She understands the serverAnupamaa, a devoted housewife mother, and daughter-in-law loves her family and fulfills all their needs, ignoring her own. Bereft of the same love and respect in her house from her family members, She realizes the bitter truth and sets out to live her life on her terms.

Anupamaa is often humiliated for beings a simple housewife with an incomplete degree. Her husband Vanraj 

secretly has been having an affair With A colleague Kavya For the past 8 years. The latter feeling insecure due to Anupamaa. Anupama wins the funfair at Paakhi’s School. She recurves a job offer as a Cooking teacher. Her husband and Leela are against the idea but Kavya convinces Her husband, Vanraj to let Anupamaa work. However, she is soon Ford owing to her Unpunctuaality Caused by Vanraj. Rakhi, a mother of Kajal, becomes skeptical about Paritosh and Kanjal’s marriage after meeting Anupamaa but eventually agrees to the marriage to break the marriage Somehow. Despite Devika and Anirudh trying to warn Anupamaa about Kavya Vanraj’s relationship. She refuses to believe them and expresses her Faith in Vanraj.

Anupama Drama Serial Latest Update

As peritosh and Kinjal get engaged, NandiniLearns about Vanraj and Kavya‘s affairs and confronts the latter. Vanraj and Kavya book their marriage on the same day of his and Anupamaa’s marriage anniversary. However, Vanraj finds himself unable to reach Kavya and is instead remarried to Anupamaa while Kavya is left fuming. After seeing Vanraj and Kavya confessing their love and getting intimate. Anupama is left shattered and faints. Upon recovering from the shock, She barks her relationship with Vanraj but hides the truth from the famIly. Supported by Devika, Anupamaa create a virtual barrier between herself and Vanraj.

Kavya and Vanraj plan a honeymoon at a resort that coincidentally, is owned by Rakhi’s Friend. Taking advantage of the situation, Rakhi Calls the shahs there for a weekend where she exposes the affair in front of the whole family and calls Paritosh and Kanjal’s wedding. Vanraj blames Anupamaa for his affair but his family doesn’t forgive him. Enraged Vanraj leaves the house and moves with Kavya ..Parish and Kinjal elope and marry in court. While Anupama welcomes them and Rakhi vows to destroy their family, repeatedly failing in her attempts to break their marriage. With the help of Davika, Anupamaa regains her job as a Cooking teacher while Vanraj finds his job at stake when a new CEO comes into his office, the shah family decides to host a grand wedding for Kinjal and Petriosh.

Kaviya and Vanraj get into a heated argument during which an infuriated Vanraj breaks all ties with Kavya before meeting with a deadly accident. Soon, Vanraj decides to stay with Kavya while Anupamaa decides to divorce Vanraj. Vanraj is Angered by the divorce notice sent by Anupamaa’s lawyer and Pakhi decides to move within Vanraj and Kavya.

Hurt by Kavya’s word and her planes with Vanraj, Pakkhi goes back to Anupamaa’s house where Anupamaa’comforts her.

Vanraj and Leela are at first against the thought However Kavya persuades Vanraj to allow Anupamaa to work.

Regardless of Davika and Anirudh attempting to caution Anupamaa about Kavya and Vanrajs relationship, She won’t trust them and communicates her confidence in Vanraj.

Be that as it may, Vanraj gets himself unfit to Arrive at Kavya and is rather remained to Anupamaa while Kavya is left smoldering. Vanraj and Kavya get into a warmed contention during which a goaded Vanraj breaks all bind with Kavya before meeting with a destructive mishap.

Before long, chooses to remain with Kavya while Anupamaa chooses to separate from Vanraj.

Vanraj is incensed by the separation notice sent by Anupamaa’s attorney and Pakhi chooses to move with Vanraj and Kavya……

About This drama Serial

Genre                                     Drama

  Developer                                                     Leena Gangopadhyay

Director                                              Romesh Kalra

Creator director                                           ketaki Walawalkar

  Sorted by                                                            Namita Vartak, Zama


Screen player                                 Bhanva Vyas

Anupamaa is an Indian drama Serial Produced in the Hindi Language. There is one season of this drama which is consists of 237 Episodes. Its producers are Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi. Its Running time is 20-24 minutes and Set up by multi-Camera. Its original Network is Star plus. This drama Serial was released on 13 Julay 2020.

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